Designing the service spaces

Work with the Monoprix Concepts & Innovation department and imagine together the service hub of tomorrow, which will be deployed in flagship stores and smaller stores under the Monop’! banner.
How do you make service tangible in supermarkets?

Our approach

Having identified all the new town-centre services currently being rolled out within the Innovation department, our Design division collaborated with the Monoprix Concept team to position them in the space to define the customer journey, zoning, space design, signage and service merchandising.

The focus was on the sense of an invitation to make the space highly visible. Nor did we ignore the versatility and event potential of the spaces; every area must be able to come alive at any time of day and be vibrant with the changing seasons!

This collaborative effort gave rise to the new concept of the ‘public square’ and the service hub which have been adapted to several stores in different formats.

The result

These new spaces have strengthened the brand's position as a city centre animator and set it apart through its pioneering services!

Behind the scenes of the project

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