Eco-remodelling strategy for the new concept

Standardise the store estate by integrating all the coders of the new, brighter and warmer concept in a both cost-effective and environmentally responsible process.
How can you renovate your shop estate in a CSR-friendly way?

Our approach

Following an immersion in the network (audit of the old concepts and an in-depth analysis of the new codes), retail3D formulated an analysis aimed at highlighting all the essential elements to be incorporated into the renovation phase.

We held workshops with the Courir teams to prioritise these elements (must have, nice to have, etc.), and proposed different scenarios that combined conservation, repair and reuse.

The budget analysis carried out by our Deliver division during the pilot phase ensured the economic viability of the planned roll-out.

The result

The ingenuity with which the eco-refurbishment was presented enabled an agile deployment and a much faster and efficient store renovation... enough to convince franchisees to invest in the new concept too!

Behind the scenes of the project

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