Creation of the flagship concept

Create the club’s first store, from design and merchandising to experience and services and to rise to the challenge of visibility in a stadium.

Use the club’s quirky approach to make a real impact!

How do you embody the club’s values and colours in a flagship store?

Our approach

The Define division conducted workshops to establish the aims and defined the ‘pink’ theme of the concept and the value elements of the overall experience.

Our designers opted for the pink colour block, the signature, ground-breaking colour of the Stade Français to enhance visibility.

The customer experience and all the merchandising were designed specifically by our teams. We also designed partially customised furnishings to optimise costs and lead times.

Our Deliver division was responsible for carrying out the technical studies, applying for permits and licences and then for managing the site.

The result

Despite its 80m2 size, this high-impact, lively boutique has achieved its objective of gaining new fans and showcasing collaborations and partnerships.

Behind the scenes of the project

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Concept development and project management