Roll-out of the boutique & spa concept in Europe

Help Sisley to develop its network of spa boutiques in up-market districts that comply with the technical and regulatory challenges specific to listed buildings.
How do you roll out a premium hybrid concept in highly restrictive premium locations?

Our approach

With great expertise in technical issues, our Deliver division helps and advises the Sisley store design and works teams and is involved from the very start of the lease and right through to the handover of the site.

We formed a dedicated team to provide a tailor-made design approach. The aim of each project is to incorporate the customer’s design wishes, find technical solutions, translate them into plans and to then assist implementation by ensuring the perfect execution down to the smallest details.

The result

An effective and enduring partnership since 2018 that aims to fulfil the objectives of Maison Sisley and to ensure the project management (MOC and MOE) of all the launches in major European cities or department stores.

Behind the scenes of the project

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