Eco-design of the new concept and guidelines

Assist the design teams of Armani Beauty in reducing the environmental impact of their new flagship and counter concept in China and Europe.
How do you reduce the environmental impact of a flagship store?

Our approach

retail3D assembled a team of multidisciplinary experts (designers, interior architects, materials experts, LCA, engineers, etc.) to help the Armani teams finalise the design of their flagship store.

An immersive and educational process in the form of themed workshops began with an assessment of the impact of the concept being analysed (life cycle analysis), followed by the proposal of quantified optimisation options to facilitate decision-making.

Once the design concept had been established, the agency developed concept guidelines highlighting the eco-design principles adopted and facilitated their implementation by the local Chinese teams.

The result

A 45% reduction in the overall CO2 impact between the initial concept and the concept finalised with the retail3D team, while remaining faithful to the design criteria and the brand identity.

Behind the scenes of the project

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