Strategic positioning and creation of the flagship concept

4 MURS, the long-established wallpaper brand, embarked on its transformation with a new product structure, a new brand platform and a signature that underpins the ‘highly inspired concept store’.

With a site four times larger than usual located in a new-generation retail park just a short hop from the head office in Metz, this was a great opportunity to create a flagship store and to conquer new BtoC and BtoB targets!

How do you reinvent the brand experience in a flagship format?

Our approach

After running workshops to align all the members of the Management Committee around the ambitions of this new flagship location (defining the pledge, objectives, KPIs, investments, etc.) the Define division then organised workshops to raise awareness of new retail trends and mapped out innovative experiences and the ways in which they could be implemented.

Our Design division then developed the zoning alongside the general ambience and imagined each of the key spaces (design and merchandising) to ensure any experience would be both inspiring and commercial.

The task of our Deliver division was then to prototype and produce the entire project: shell and new furnishings.

The result

The 2,400 m2 space has encouraged new brands, and customers who are younger, more family-oriented, more lifestyle-oriented and even more male!

The sales and advisory team received coaching in merchandising and new operational practices by our training team and worked hard to provide a unique experience!

Behind the scenes of the project

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